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We regularly work with IT people, business owners and graphic designers, relieving them of all the complex back-end bits around WordPress site coding, hosting, security, SEO, Google, email, mobile and cloud apps. We look after the nasty techie stuff, you look after the content and message.  The best way to contact us is by email or filling in the form below

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My name is  Kevin Trye, a registered engineering associate and a senior website developer. Senior in both age and experience. Qualified in troubleshooting telecommunications systems, electronics, fibre optics, print industry scanners, Unix servers and Xerox colour production systems. In 2003 we took on website development, primarily data-driven sites. My CV is at

We’ve been building business websites since 2003 and using WordPress since 2007, with a special focus upon security, performance hosting, eCommerce and eLearning systems. We’ve built over a thousand sites working directly with business owners, marketing people, as well as graphic designers needing help with the WordPress theme coding, repairs, hosting and security, all seldom covered at web design school.

Education focus: Keen on helping others learn about online, we founded the Auckland WordPress Meetup Group in 2013, mentoring users and web designers with monthly meetings and free tutorials. What started with 8 people in a coffee shop, soon grew to hundreds. We also organised the 2014 Auckland Wordcamp and later arranged a visit and amazing lectures by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg in 2015.

Today we live in Northland, semi-retired, but still actively coding and helping people get online. Note we do make good use of Zoom, Skype, Jitsi and Google Meet tools for customer chats, training, even live updates of their site designs or content, saving them time and costs.

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