WordPress CLI for Geeks

In a world where everything is about the visual and simple drag-n-drop design tools, you’ll be amazed to learn that there’s still a place for the old command line interface (CLI), even in the WordPress environment. It is still the default tool for IT geeks in the Linux environment setting up a modern VPS host or file server.

Yes the average wordpress designer will recoil in horror, but this amazing tool has a place for wordpress developers managing large sites where the default GUI tools are simply too slow. Senior IT people at host companies certainly use it, since command-line has been the default tool in hosting companies for decades. Command-line chores done in the WordPress environment may include deleting a lot of users, moving large directories or media about, managing, copying or setting up multiple websites in record time… Literally what can take many minutes, is done in seconds.

Start here https://wp-cli.org/


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