How to Merge Retail with Online Payments

Stripe, Windcave and Worldline/Paymark seem the defaults for NZ businesses taking credit card payments online. A few sites also provide online bank transfers (POLI), as well as afterpay, zip and rewards options too. Customers also have various mobile payment apps too. But the popular retail EFTPOS payments we use daily are the odd ones out here when it comes to online, as not all banks here support online EFTPOS options. And merging these various channels is a real technical and security challenge.

So, are there any ways to merge the online and the retail payment world? Yes. Verifone, a key provider in the local EFTPOS network, recently released major upgrades as part of their new Omnichannel token toolset, the first step to safely bring things together. This new technology will appeal to those running a retail store or restaurant, who also sell the same or related items or services online. Tokens make any subsequent website sign up and payment process for customers a lot safer, easier and convenient.

How does it work? Say the Cardholder pays for a product via a POS terminal in a Retail Shop. The Merchant convinces him of a useful item, service, a gift card or voucher available to ‘members’ from their online shop. The Cardholder consents that their card details be saved for use on this specific website, using their mobile number as a validated login, for added security. Not only can they now purchase or pre-purchase online, any funds or rewards vouchers held in their online shop account can be safely used for future online and/or retail sales. Nothing could be easier or more convenient for both staff and customers.

Now, we finally have smarter options to better interconnect your retail sales, with your online storefront, to better engage and upsell to customers in a safe and secure manner, for mutual benefit. For more information, use the form below

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