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Like many seniors with a tech background, we love helping others learn more and to avoid the many hidden pitfalls when going online. To this end we founded the Auckland WordPress Meetup Group in 2013. Here, we mentored small business users and junior web designers with monthly meetings and free tutorials. What started with 8 people in a downtown coffee shop in 2013, soon grew to hundreds in just 3 years.

In 2014 we organised the Auckland Wordcamp and the following year arranged a visit by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg who wowed a large gathering of WordPress fanatics with amazing stories and insights. Remnants of those glory days are found here. This experience taught me what could be done if people came together for a common cause, all willing to learn. We left Auckland in 2017 and the group was then managed by others until it held it’s last meetup in 2021, largely taken down by the covid restrictions.

Online Meetups coming soon

With the widespread use of zoom and google tools, now is the time to revive these good times… Best of all, being online, we’re no longer limited to an Auckland audience, but available to those across New Zealand and beyond. All this is easier to do now. Our new eLearning toolsets, plus Zoom and Jitsi videochat, integrating with Learndash, does the job with ease.

Coaching Sessions on…

Like the original meetups we can run separate topics each month and run polls to discover community needs. Some suggestions below

  • Best WordPress Block Themes
  • Best Gutenberg editing tools
  • Best Chat system for WordPress
  • Best AI website design tools
  • Best WooCommerce enhancements

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