Help with WooCommerce Variations

One of the trickiest areas of the WooCommerce shopping system, is the management and set up of products with variations. The assigning of product attributes and the adding of these variations can confuse. There are many online tutorials, but if there are a large number of product attributes around colour and size, then it gets even harder.

We recently took over a complex, overdue project from a web design company, who were struggling to correctly set up the WooCommerce shop. It was a site with just a few products, but each had a large number of interactive variations, with multiple imagery requirements, being images displayed or swapped out based upon attribute colour, size and package selections. We also had to allow for private wholesaler access, where custom pricing for all these items had to be part of the mix. So, what were the options we looked at? A search revealed dozens of tools. Here’s our shortlist of the plugins and methods we considered and a review of the system we ultimately used.

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