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Help with WooCommerce Variations

One of the trickiest areas of the WooCommerce shopping system, is the management and set up of products with variations. The assigning of product attributes and the adding of these variations can confuse. There are many online tutorials, but if there are a large number of product attributes around colour and size, then it gets …

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Website forms broken?

Had a string of these problems with new and a few older clients recently. These issues usually arise after moving hosts or when the various providers upgrade their systems. Email security is a hot issue with services like Google and all others pushing 2-step logins, for an added layer of security. Alongside this are upgrades …

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Deals on WordPress Hosting

It’s hard to find good, fast, reliable hosts today, especially if you’re on a tight budget. For businesses, the VPS (Private Server) option is always the best, rather than the common ‘Shared Server’ hosting. But a VPS can get expensive. Inmotion in the US provide an affordable, managed VPS from just $50/mth. Sometimes for business …

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Best Deals for Hosting

The term deals is often synonymous with website hosting. Hosting in many people eyes is all about finding the lowest price, combined with good support. We want it all. Best price. Best Support. In the old print trade the sales mantra was “Best price, quality, turnaround – Pick two”, meaning the client couldn’t get it …

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