Google’s changes will be bad for WooCommerce sites

According to an article in Ryte Magazine, starting in May 2021, Google search ranking will be determined from a mobile-centric perspective with a real focus on load times, interactivity, and visual stability. For the Ecommerce Sector it paints an alarming picture.

We’ve long focused upon the need for speed for WordPress eCommerce sites, which are inherently slow compared to most others. The reason in most cases has little to do with WordPress coding itself. It’s inevitably the poor [budget] host selected, little image optimisation, overly complex themes used and the multitude of plugins for additional shopping functionality or special effects. Key findings were:

  • Less than 1% of mobile sites received ‘good’ score
  • Almost 90% of websites struggle with mobile image load speeds
  • Nine in ten websites slow to respond to user interaction
  • Domains with positive desktop experiences do better on mobile
  • Visual stability is most problematic on mobile

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