Sick of Zoom? Try Jitsi

Zoom works well for most, but is not the easiest, most secure or private platform with all their logins and tracking going on. Similarly Skype, Google meet, WhatsApp and others.

But here’s a safe, secure, open source alternative. (It’s the sort of thing Edward Snowden likely uses). What’s unique, is that unlike all others, users never need to sign up to anything to use it. They just go to a meeting url someone has generated. Complete privacy and anonymity is assured, although a password can be added to enter the session, but any identifier, name or email is optional.

We’ve setup a basic system suitable for a few users, but just by increasing server resources could likely service multiple organisations in NZ working in the ‘alternative’ space. My demo system at Send me a message below to set up a live chat.

For businesses or organisations, we would likely update the default Jitsi branding, add more controls for moderator rights/authentication, an additional security layer, but the basic system is fine. If you want to learn more or need assistance in setting it up, fill in your name below and we’ll get back to you within the hour.

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