Fluent CRM – It works!

When it comes to WordPress or WooCommerce shopping cart addons, it’s hard to know where to start. There’s thousands of them.

But a standout we’re adding to more client shopping websites is from WPManageNinja with their FluentCRM plugin. Previously we’ve not been a fan of these tools on a website and advised clients to linkup with third party CRMs or e-Marketing tools. Adding it to WordPress always incurred a performance tradeoff. But FluentCRM have resolved this which allows users to not only track their customers, but also build workflows that boost sales in an eCommerce site.

Their accompanying Fluent Forms plugin is equally amazing and I’m now using it to replace the popular Gravity forms we’ve used on hundreds of websites over the last decade. Fluent Forms is simply better and easier to setup for client sites.

There are countless tutorials and reviews for these items. If you want to learn more on how this could assist your sales and customer engagement, give us a call.

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