WordPress Forms, Signups & Lead Capture Systems

Getting found online is critical – SEO work essential. But what happens when people arrive at your site? We know many who have steady traffic, yet get few leads or sales. Truth is, that standard contact us page or subscribe form isn’t enough today. A WordPress website can do much more to engage visitors.

What’s the purpose of your website? To get leads…

Here’s an old interview (2003) with veteran retail marketing guru Winston Marsh from Auzzie. He reminds us of the basics – How the internet can be much better used by small business. Sadly the problems faced by those going online today, differ little from ten years ago. Winstons simple strategy will amaze. Spending 15 minutes listening to his entire talk could be the best investment you’ll make this year…


As Winston said, ‘…when your ideal prospect comes to your website, what do you want them to do?’ You obviously need a compelling story or offer, plus multiple systems to help visitors interact with the business. There must be multiple forms, chat box options, signup and tracking systems, making it painless for people to subscribe, or ask questions and get a quick response – Preferably within minutes, not hours or days. As Winston suggested, having questionnaires and surveys can work well too.

Colleague Chris Lema said similar in a more recent video podcast. Simply ‘looking pretty‘ online isn’t enough. Good visual design isn’t enough… You need to either sell now, or as Winston said, at least capture their email or phone number, done through a signup form – Then, have a quick (under 30 min) followup process, be it email, or even better, by phone.

[youtube id=”vKH0M1Fl2mk”]

For other ideas on lead generation, check out our recent article on marketing automation…. Here we review lead capture and advanced e-marketing tools like Drip, Convertkit and more…. Then there’s some amazing chat systems that I think work even better, especially for eCommerce and service-based business, keeping the prospect engaged, especially when tied into a good followup system or CRM.

Also, tracking is important with live-time traffic analytics like Clicky and perhaps add in Hotjar, another new technology that can help you discover what visitors like and dislike about your site.  Another person you should follow in this area is Brian Massey, the conversion scientist.

Often you don’t need an SEO guru or even a web designer. They know little of these areas. You need a geeky ‘draftsman’ and engineer… The goal is to optimise your site to make Google and visitors love it.  

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