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WordPress Booking Systems

Following our philosophy that websites should not only look nice but do useful work, we’ve been extending our capabilities into on-line appointment and scheduling systems. It’s a growing opportunity for salons, chiropractors and countless other small enterprises than need to better plan their work and client appointments. It all adds a level of business efficiency, […]

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Sliders Suck – Don’t use them!

Websites are awash with fancy sliders these days and those developing these things doing very well. It seems most new websites or pre-built themes include one on the home page, be it a business, community or shopping cart site. However although many designers love and recommend these tools (especially the sliders with layers), the truth

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Automotive Websites

To be effective, tradespeople and especially those in the automotive sector need to run the right type of website and backup tools in order to get the best return and avoid spending more than they need. Automotive Industry – Website Special Features The key thing for those doing car repairs or serving is to to

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Clean Website Designs

For businesses that need us to build them a website, we believe the simple, clean look is best. These examples provide the ideal starting point. For those in fashion or beauty sectors, our ‘Health & Beauty’ template is a popular choice, as is the ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Freelance’ themes. We naturally add your logo and colour

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Professional Designs

WordPress sites can incorporate some very professional themes and designs. No longer the simply ‘blogs’ many work with. Plus, any modern, well-built WordPress design template can incorporate a shopping cart via a special plugin. However for shop-focused sites or those that want to showcase their products in a catalogue format to sell or just to

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