Beyond Design – Speed, Leads, Being Found…

This year we’ve seen a big increase in enquiries from annoyed website owners – Often it’s a pretty website, but 6 months after a costly build or design makeover, still isn’t getting much traffic. Many have even tried those SEO experts from India that flood our email boxes each week, each promising great things. But it rarely helps, often making things even worse.

The reasons are always the same. Key work missed during the design phase, plus there’s no tools or strategy provided to improve ranking, speed, visitor signups or any discussion around a follow-up process.

Beyond Looks – Does it fit us and do the job intended?

Sorting out the visual design, branding and aesthetics of your website is barely half the job today, yet sadly this is where 90% of the time and budget is spent. This is your average pretty site that Google won’t rank – Often referred to as a brochure website. Like ye old printed brochures created in the 90s. What’s lacking here is the technical work people assume is included in ‘website design’, but rarely is, with the poor traffic testimony.  e.g. Coding, security and performance optimisation, plus tools and a strategy to optimise search ranking, visitor engagement and traffic.

This is all the non-sexy stuff never taught at web design school. Designers may add an SEO plugin, submit the site to Google, build social media sites, even talk ‘content marketing’. But these chores are barely 10% of what’s actually needed to build up steady website traffic and sales leads.

WordPress Mechanics and Troubleshooters

geekWe’re not web designers but web developers who focus upon how the site works – We work with code and also know a lot about hosting, Google and how to get search traffic to your site. We can determine your Google ranking and even do an on-line competitor analysis and opportunities report. The data even tells us if AdWords or Social media may help, or be a waste of time and money.

We believe that getting found on-line plus a true system to capture and process sales leads are the key requirements of any business website. Branding and looks are still important, but secondary. The good news is that unlike design, that often has large upfront cost, most development, tuning and traffic-building chores can be (and should be) tended to on a more modest monthly basis in a simple support contract.

Geek on tap support

Our service contract covers any immediate fix-it items, all site maintenance chores and a ranking/traffic analysis, summarised is a monthly report as well as adding in advanced analytics, lead capture and follow-up tools.

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