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wordpress-woocommerceYes, WordPress has it’s own cart, WooCommerce. We’ve built or maintained hundreds of sites using it. Woocommerce is the most popular cart in use today, used to sell a few or a thousand products. If you’re an existing WordPress user, then Woocommerce is the obvious and best choice. But for newcomers, there are other options.

The Ideal Startup Option

In our view, especially for those newcomers to online and shopping carts, Shopify is often the better start-up option when selling a few items on line.

wordpress-shopifyWhy? The shop owner user interface in Shopify is world leading, with users able to set up a cart and products in record time. Their weekly newsletter are superb too with loads of tips. Shopify costs? A Shopify lite cart is just USD$9/month. It’s not ideal if you have a lot of products (say 20+), but those with their own website and/or a Facebook page Shopify lite is a good affordable option to get you going.

More Traffic for your Shopping Cart, Website and Blog Combo

But you ask, why use WordPress at all? Firstly, the Shopify ‘lite’ cart doesn’t provide a website front-end for customers to purchase. You need your own existing WordPress website or Facebook page for this, basically adding in a special buy button generated by shopify, for each product.

wordpress-shopifySecondly, getting search traffic to a brand new Shopify site (or your Facebook page) is really hard work. It can take far longer than most new users anticipate. In terms of SEO, it’s good but not great. I’ll just use Facebook you say. Yet Google, for many political and technical reasons, does a poor job of indexing your Facebook pages, meaning these pages you’ve made are rarely found is a search.

WordPress has long proven to be far better and is always recommended my most of the world’s SEO gurus. Additionally, WordPress has some stunning add-ons around social media, email marketing, mobile, even low cost TXT/SMS messaging options which for many stores is a big driver of traffic.

Also, there are management benefits. Running a WordPress and Shopify combo like this means you can more easily separate your online selling chores around product display, dispatch etc, from your sales and marketing activities. They are two different skillsets and jobs.

So, by merging a fast, SEO-friendly WordPress site with their ‘lite’ or a full Shopify cart account, you get the best of both worlds. A slick, easy to manage cart, with a separate marketing and traffic-building system using WordPress, tightly linked to social media channels. The new Shopify plugin allows you to easily add your Shopify products directly into the WordPress site. Additionally, Shopify (as do WordPress), also provide a free mobile app to make monitoring and updating your sites easier.

Now you have a combined cart, website and blog for little cost. Checkout the links below

Typical WordPress + Shopify Setup Costs?

To have us set up an SEO-optimised WordPress blogsite linked to an existing Shopify store is around $400-$1,200 depending upon the theme you purchase, any special features needed and how much you can do for yourself. The more you contribute to the project, the lower the costs. All this compares favourably against other start up eCommerce website costs of $5,000 or more, usually taking months to build and then too often resulting in little traffic or online sales.

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