Tech talk – WordPress 4.5 update breaking sites

We’ve seen a stream of sites where the most recent WordPress core update is breaking the site. Issues around media (upload errors), sliders, even WooCommerce editing problems. An outdated, incompatible theme is the most common problem, although specific plugins like visual composer can be an issue too.  Those using various Themeforest or old Divi themes are the worst affected. Even some hosts running old software elements can cause problems for WP4.5.

Best Quick Fix for WordPress 4.5 problems

For many this chore of updating site theme, plugin or hosts files is not always easy or quick, especially if the website was built by a third party. Just getting the needed updates, if even available, often takes time and expense. Some  we know updated all their themes and plugins, yet the problem remained!

The best quick fix is to revert the site back to v4.4 and all will be well. But how? There is no revert to an older WP link or function. No magic plugin either. Without a full backup of the old site available, this chore can only be done manually by a developer replacing various files on the host.

Our manual file replacement option is safe, quickly getting the site back on line until the required theme or other updated files are available. Remember too that WordPress 4.5 was primarily a feature, not a security update, so running the older WordPress 4.4 for a while won’t cause any major issues or concerns. Then, you just have to resist the temptation to click that update link and ensure the WP auto-update is disabled. 

For those having these issues, just fill in the form below and we can sort it quickly.

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