New Websites – Speed, ranking & capturing leads not included?

We fix a lot of WordPress sites, many using popular pre-built themes. Some look very slick, yet 6 months after it goes live, there’s little to show for it. It’s slow and gets little traffic. Often, the first time we get involved is when the site is hacked and the designer can’t fix it. When looking through the site back end and host files, we inevitably note all the things the web designer has omitted. It inevitably comes down to 5 key items:

  • Little security in place
  • Poor backup systems
  • Slow Speed, unreliable
  • Poor Search Ranking
  • Not capturing leads

I can appreciate most new sites have these issues. Looking through the typical web designers manual, such things barely get a mention. At best they find a plugin or two that makes bold claims, but often does little.

WordPress Speed, Security and Ranking Tune-ups

This is the area we love and one designers hate. It makes sense therefore that once your fresh new site is complete, to let us spend a few hours auditing and then tweaking the site to ensure it is fast, secure and has a better chance of being ranked by Google. Additionally we also review and add extra forms tools for better capturing leads and monitoring traffic. Fill in the form below for a quick quote.

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