Googles Changes can Spell Disaster

Google is constantly changing and tweaking its code to better serve its key ‘clients’ being the consumer or those doing a search. It constantly wants to ‘serve up’ the most RELEVANT and REPUTABLE companies when someone goes looking for a product or service provider. Sometimes this works out good for some companies, bad for many others…

The most recent changes this month were summarised very well in recent articles (below) in the CNN Money website. It’s not always good news. Some are losing millions.

The bottom line is that if we truly understand Googles strategy for business (which is quite clear) and abide by their new SEO ‘rules’ then these algorithm/code changes aren’t a problem. It can BENEFIT business owners and bring them more traffic, not less.  Google isn’t the problem. Poorly trained Web designers and SEO companies are…

Google's algorithm change

Google algorithm change

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