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It’s hard to find good, fast, reliable hosts today, especially if you’re on a tight budget. For businesses, the VPS (Private Server) option is always the best, rather than the common ‘Shared Server’ hosting. But a VPS can get expensive. Inmotion in the US provide an affordable, managed VPS from just $50/mth.

Sometimes for business reasons, you need a local host. A managed VPS in NZ is expensive, starting at $250/mth if you want support included. It can be cheaper if you have some sysadmin expertise. Sitehost in Auckland are good, with a fast, 2-cpu system starting at $60/mth excluding management, application support and setup costs. (Things like cpanel or plesk are not included as standard). This would be fine if you’ve just a few business sites with relatively modest daily traffic and load. If you lack the needed tech skills yourself to build the VPS configuration, then load WordPress, we can help configure and run it for you at a reduced rate.

But for newcomers starting out with limited cash, just avoid those NZ shared hosting providers. Those wondrous reviews you see mean nothing. They’re too slow, often run old, overloaded servers and support is quite poor. Even big names like Bluehost I’ve found a real disappointment. All that ‘unlimited’ or ‘cloud’ stuff is just sales talk. But, I’ve found a few US companies that are are better in every respect, for similar money.

Here’s my favourite budget option

Siteground is one US/Singapore host on my shortlist. But which plan? Don’t go too cheap, whatever the sales hype says. One option we’ve used successfully for many clients and highly recommend for those starting out, is their US$15/mth GoGeek plan. It’s a bit more than the others, but has great tools and great performance for the money. It can run several sites, is superior in speed, value and support to all the popular hosting packages offered up in NZ.

Check Siteground out. If you need help with the transfer, get in touch. When we do the transfer instead of the host co, we give the site a coding makeover, tweaking the speed, SEO and security, which is vital.

UPDATE FEB 2021: Siteground has stopped selling into the NZ market. Read more here

WordPress JetPack just got better.

Another neat add-on this week is Jetpack Personal. For just US$3.50 per month, you get a great backup system as well as all the other Jetpack goodies. But, like hosting, getting Jetpack setup correctly for each site is critical. The default install isn’t good, even slowing the site down! We can sort it out for you.

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