Website Acceleration Service

Most WordPress sites run much slower than they should, annoying site visitors and reducing their search rankings. Sales can be affected too, since studies tell us that 57% of visitors will click away it they have to wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load.  Yet many WordPress sites take twice this time to load. In fact if you come across a slow website, it is very likely it’s running WordPress!

Slow websites come about because site owners, marketers, web designers and agencies spend the bulk of their time and budget working on the site looks and message – Site performance or even security isn’t in the design brief. Even many coders often have limited knowledge of how to optimise a site for speed, aside from occasionally adding in a cache plugin. But caching isn’t enough, especially if you’re running a WooCommerce or LearnDash site, where caching is auto-disabled for many users!

Who to host with is usually based upon the ‘best deal’ or reviews found. The end result is often a very pretty website, but also a very slow one adversely affecting your website ranking, user retention and business reputation.  An under-performing host is by far the most common problem and usually the first item that needs to be eliminated as a contributing cause. In 90% of cases, this means moving your site from your current host, to an ultra-fast VPS configuration on Cloudways. WordPress-optimised business plans start from just US$22/mth. Their enhanced 2CPU/4GB plan is just US$50/mth, ideal for busy WooCommerce or LMS websites.

The need for more speed

Here’s a short video clip from a developers conference, with the presenter talking about Amazons popular EC2 cloud hosting, discussing what this ‘very average’ host can do to your online traffic, sales and search rankings. Why site speed is more important than most realise…

We guarantee to double your site speed or there’s no charge.

We provide a tuneup service to accelerate and enhance the performance of slow WordPress sites, doubling, often tripling site speed. If your website is taking 8 or more seconds to load, according to GTMetrix (Australian testing), we’ll guarantee to at least halve your current load time, or refund our fee. This work includes coding & content tweaks, a security review, as well as migrating you to Cloudways hosting.

But first, checkout your own website performance at GTMetrix which provides response times and a pass/fail on key parameters. For NZ sites, logging in an selecting Sydney as the test location gives more accurate figures..

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