The Two Best WordPress Lead & Sales Tracking Tools

Leadin-LogoWe’ve been working with a few clients this year on integrating their WordPress site with third party CRM systems. From a sales and customer service perspective, this makes a lot of sense. One system we’re come to love is Leadin. Their free Leadin plugin we’ve had running on this and several client sites a while now, to better track webform inquiries and to help with followups. However leadin can do much more, especially following its recent purchase by Hubspot, with upgrade options into their powerful cloud sales tools.

salesforce-companyThe second more sophisticated CRM option we love is Salesforce, which even Hubspot can cross-link to. There are several ways to link up Salesforce to WordPress. One method we like is using gravity forms. This has the benefit of retaining the forms entries on the website for other purposes, as well as pushing it into Salesforce. It’s also easier to fine tune the forms fields and layout, even building up user surveys, a quiz, even payment options on the website, with results appearing in Salesforce. Other linking methods cannot easily do this.

Amazing two-way communication options

Other separate options available for Salesforce (and Hubspot) is to take their data and push the other way, into the WordPress site. A little more coding / API work, but is handy for many sales-focused businesses who prefer using Salesforce to update social media or to generate a blog article on their WordPress site, rather than using the WordPress editing tools.  These website updates can be moderated or checked before publishing, should a webmaster or marketing manager wish to edit or approve posts before they go live.

But it’s no magic wand – Simply invest the time needed

Although Hubspot and Salesforce give the impression all this stuff is ‘plugin n play’, the reality is the correct setup can get quite tricky. Geeks [like us] do need to be involved. CRM systems are powerful, but in reality are too often poorly utilised because most users don’t like to put in the time, effort or budget needed to make it work as it should. One study indicated that most CRM projects fail or are abandoned. It’s seldom the tools, but how we use them. The best CRM projects is where the business can dedicate a staff member as a champion to take responsibility, learn what’s needed and use it every day. You don’t have to sit in front of a PC either, as there are handy mobile apps to help out now.

If you can’t do this yourself, then we can certainly help out with the setup and upkeep chores. Give us a call.

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