WordPress Training for Marketers

Innovative Marketers and business owners know the value of taking charge of their online presence. Employing a web designer to do site changes is silly. The WordPress CMS platform provides fully control of your content via desktop or mobile device. WordPress is easy to establish and exceptionally Google-friendly, meaning they get traffic and results. However like many things online, knowing some of the tricks and shortcuts is the key.

WordPress Training and Website Management

lyndaWe encourage Marketers and business owners new to WordPress to start their journey with online training programs like those from Lynda.com  You can even get 7 days of free unlimited access.

Once they’ve passed this stage, we can work with them on more specific toolsets and projects. We fill in the gaps around hosting, webforms, security and theme customisation that may be too complex. They instead should focus upon generating compelling website content, which marketers excel at, rather than the technicalities. Built-in WordPress tools like Yoast SEO even helps when it comes to making the content ‘Google friendly’ and searchable.

The 5 min video below from Lynda, is a great introduction to what WordPress can do for marketers and NZ businesses. As noted in the video, WordPress allows you to think outside the box, moving from the traditional ‘structured design’ concepts common with brochure websites, into building more dynamic, interactive sites that actually engage visitors and open up sales opportunities…

An Intro to WordPress – It’s NOT a blog


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