When You Need a Web Developer Not a Designer

Just hiring a web designer or agency to build your website is risky. Their focus upon the visuals, message and branding is important, but only half the job. A website is not like a printed brochure. These simple page by page brochure sites were common until 2007-8. After this saw an explosion of self-managed, database-driven websites.

A web developer should always be a key part of the project team. Developers focus upon code, functionality, security, performance and the best also know how Google sees the site and will assist with SEO and conversion work. Your typical web designer or agency has little training or interest in these areas.

A Developers work is naturally less understood than a designers because it isn’t visual. But the practical business outcomes experienced developers and webmasters provide are key to the success of your website. e.g.

  • Site acceleration, mobile optimisation  – Keep the 40% of visitors using mobile happy
  • Search ranking and traffic analysis, reports – See the traffic you’re missing and why
  • Content, structure & SEO coding optimisation – Help Google understand your site
  • List building and conversion tools – Dramatically improve website signups, engagement
  • WordPress theme, plugin, hosting tweaks – More features, stability, fewer site errors
  • Host and WordPress Security hardening – To hack-proof your site from the nasties
  • Online competitor and opportunities analysis – Are you targeting the right niche?

Yes you do need a designer in the loop to look good. They can do a custom design or, your could purchase a pre-built theme, saving thousands. Here the one design is sold and installed on many websites, with minor branding tweaks as needed. Good design can certainly help your sales conversions and build business reputation. But equally you also need a well qualified developer to make the site work correctly. This more complex back-end work ensures the site can get ranked, stay secure, gain more traffic and visitor signups.

Now is the time to go beyond aesthetics and branding. Make performance, security, ranking, traffic and conversions a website priority. Break free from your competition. Fill in you details below for a no-obligation quote on how we can work together and have you stand out online. [gravityform id=”2″ name=”Contact us” description=”false”]

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