Only Three Ways to Grow Your Business

Chris Cardell is a very popular and respected entrepreneur and small business trainer in the UK. Here he shares some of his immense wisdom on growth strategies.

It sounds simple and actually, with a few in-house and online strategies, it is. He also reminds us that growth is not only from just finding more customers…

How to get 33% more sales in 2011

  • Using Chris’ example, adding 10% more prospects just ‘being found’ via Google is quite achievable with a good SEO/Adwords package plus an online referrals strategy.
  • Increasing the value of each sale by 10%.  Have other ‘added value’ items you can upsell. If you’re selling online, this aspect can be semi-automated.
  • The third is the easiest, being the frequency of sales. A good CRM package, linked to an email + mobile marketing system – Keeping you connected to your best customers
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