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As Chris Lema mentioned in his recent podcast, most business websites are way too focused upon the website aesthetics and looks. The site theme and ‘branding’. It’s agonized over for days, even weeks, as it was with company reports and brochures in the 90s. Yet the reason for the sites existence, being to get sales leads, is largely overlooked. As with brochures, it is just ‘assumed’ that good looks and the right message translated to more sales, as it did in the paper world.

Yet your best online salesperson is almost blind

Google, your best online salesperson, who alone decides who to send to your website, doesn’t see your site like this at all. Never has. SEO-Expert-Google-Crawling-IndexingThe smart Googlebot that trawls the web indexing websites is largely blind. It doesn’t see the beauty of your website. A plain $1,000 blogsite with good speed and articles may be judged a better site to send traffic to than your very pretty $20,000 website. Google only sees the site speed, coding, structure, text content and links. Pretty is just for humans…

Keeping Google happy with your site is just as important as any branding goals. Why? For most sectors, over 50% of new business will come via a Google search. People are searching for your services online now and a dated, badly performing or coded site just won’t be ranked highly…

Googlebot-Wont-Crawl-When-Site-Is-Too-SlowTo get Google onside to recommend you as a worthy business, your site needs to be fast, well structured, well coded and kept up to date with relevant, interesting content. Validation from happy clients in the social channels helps too. The site must be secure from hackers too, since a site with spam is soon banished from the Google index. Pretty doesn’t even rank.

Don’t ignore your salespersons good advice

site_wordhost.co.nzGoogle is helpful to those that want to learn. Google provides various free tools, giving insights into what they think of our site and content, showing up errors, performance and ranking data. This data provides clues as to what needs to be done to get things sorted.

These are the things we at WordHost obsess over. Making your site fast and clean when Google comes calling. If Google is your best salesperson it’s only right you listen to and look after him/her…

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