After our successful PHA NZ website build, we’re turning our efforts towards assisting the NZ Hubs and health practitioners. New-generation websites, without the usual wait or high costs. Hub listings features and practitioner websites can include:

Community tools for the Hubs:

  • Hub Directory listing on PHA
  • Add/manage hub events listings
  • View news feeds from PHA
  • Add Photo/video galleries
  • Donation/cart tools
  • Private members area
  • Links to Practitioner directory

Business tools for Practitioners:

  • Choice of 9 theme styles
  • Professional booking system
  • Zoom conference; telehealth
  • Take online/offline payments
  • Built-in eMail marketing suite
  • Lessons; Coaching; Assignments
  • Place in upcoming directory

These packages instantly eliminate the need to find a web designer, or consider clunky DIY platforms like Wix or Squarespace. These mainstream options cannot offer all the features needed. It’s not their market.

Hubs needs are relatively simple, distributing news, listing events and encouraging signups. But practitioners need a specialty site to enhance their business, online sales and reputation. What’s proposed here easily surpasses what is seen in the traditional healthcare sector. This will set the alternative health community apart. To register your interest in this initiative, just add your name below. No obligation.

Kevin Trye, Senior Website Developer.

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